Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter

Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter

Discover the Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter – A high-performance power solution designed to meet your energy needs efficiently. Experience uninterrupted power supply and optimal performance with this reliable and versatile inverter. Perfect for both residential and commercial use. Order now and enjoy the benefits of a dependable power backup system.



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Uninterrupted Power Supply Anywhere You Go

Experience uninterrupted power supply and stay connected with the Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter, a state-of-the-art and dependable power backup system designed to meet all your electricity needs.

Efficiently Handling Your Appliances

With its impressive 1000VA capacity, the Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter effortlessly handles various electronic appliances, from energy-efficient LED lights to power-hungry devices like computers and refrigerators.

No More Inconvenience During Blackouts

Say goodbye to inconvenience and discomfort during blackouts as this powerful inverter keeps your essential appliances up and running for extended durations.

Durability and Innovation Combined

The Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter boasts robust construction and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity.

Compact and User-Friendly

Its sleek and compact design guarantees easy installation and hassle-free operation, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Engineered to maximize energy efficiency, the inverter reduces your overall energy consumption and supports sustainable practices.

Safety is Our Priority

Equipped with comprehensive safety features, including overload protection, short circuit protection, and thermal management, the Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter ensures your peace of mind.

Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

The user-friendly LCD display provides real-time insights into battery status, load capacity, and system performance, offering you full control.

Fast and Efficient Charging

Smart charging technology ensures fast and efficient charging of the battery, enhancing its overall life.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

With a user-friendly design and detailed instructions provided in the comprehensive user manual, installation and maintenance are a breeze.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is just a call away, ready to promptly resolve any queries you may have.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance of the Luminous 12V 1KVA Inverter and enjoy uninterrupted power supply whenever and wherever you need it. Invest in your peace of mind and stay connected – no matter what!


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